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Hopelessness can even attack people who love God and love the church. Have you given up hope? Biblical hope is not finger crossing. It is a confident expectation of good things to come. God wants to heal your hopelessness and recognize the arrival of Hope. 



Waiting on Hope

Waiting can be tough. The waiting periods can seem long and dry. What if there was a way in the waiting periods to find hope? 


Preperation of Hope

Are you ready for Hope? What if one event could change everything for you? Isaiah in the Old Testament talked about Jesus years before He was born. 


Hope is HERE!

We all have times that are dark. Things happen and we don't know why. God seems silent at times. In this message, we will see that God shows up just at the right time. 


Lord's Supper

There is an ordinance of the Church called the "Lord's Supper". To observe the Lord's Supper you must align with Hope. In this message, you will learn why we observe the Lord's Supper.