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When the devil knocks, you don’t always hear it. Right? He’d rather sneak in an open door. He’s the deceiver, destroyer, and accuser who will do anything to cover up God’s love and truth. He didn’t want this Life.Church Bible Plan written, and He definitely doesn’t want you or your LifeGroup to read it. But that’s another battle God's about to win.

When The Devil Knocks

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The moment you met Jesus, your world changed. You were filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, you can be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Discover what it looks like to lead a Spirit-empowered life, just like Jesus. Featuring a video, this 5-day devotional is based on Mark Driscoll's book Spirit-Filled Jesus.

Redeem Your Relationships

What you know is what gets you through. If you don’t know the right things when the rough winds and tsunamis of life come, you’re going to fall over. But if our lives are built on the rock solid, bedrock truth of the Bible, we know some unchanging truths.

How To Get Through What You're Going Through

God’s always good, but that doesn’t mean He’s always safe. This Life.Church Bible Plan dares readers to pray three dangerous prayers: search me, send me, and break me. Dare to start reading today, and your life will take a scary-good turn.

Dangerous Prayers

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