I'm glad you are here!

Life is crazy at time. We want to be here for you to provide encouragmenet and Hope. Every single week we have a video of someone leading us to study the Bible and they help us find practical steps to live a life of freedom and hope. Sometimes it's me teaching and othertimes it's someone else. No matter what, you will hear a revelant message from Scripture. 

- Pastor Zac 


You BELONG here!

We meet every Sunday at 5pm in multiple locations around the Spokane area.


God is always teaching us more about Him, us and the mission He has for us. We teach the Bible every week and worship together. Hope you can check out a service! 🙌


God is doing more in your life right now than you know. See you soon! - Pastor Zac


Generational Kingdom

“Our God is the God of every generation. What legacy has been left to us, and what legacy are we leaving behind?”

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