Looking For A Church


Are You Looking for a Church in Spokane?

Visit us this Sunday if you are looking for a church in Spokane that welcomes all. Are you looking for a place to learn more about God and to connect with other people in a laid back easy fashion? We more than welcome you to show up on a Sunday, we challenge you.

The Rock Church serves the community of Spokane Valley WA with a place to feel at home. We put forth a challenge that if you have not attended church in a long time, or if you have never had a church family to come home to, give us a chance. You may be surprised at how welcome you feel and how much you can grow when you actually enjoy the Sunday meetings and find friends at the smaller group meetings we offer through the week to discuss topics and enjoy each other’s company. No matter who you are, no matter your past, show up this Sunday and take our challenge.